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A travelling circus of theatrical spelunking in four corners of the city. Designed for the curious. #BeCurious

A traditional night out at the theatre? This isn't exactly that. Bringing together the best under-the-radar artists, food, drink and ideas with very on-the-radar playwrights, it's the best little fest you may never have heard of. Presenting the works of Robertson Davies in 2015. #TPP2015

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Meet the 2015 Playwright Project Artists!

Shelagh Rogers, Host of CBC’s The Next Chapter

The Playwright Project is about rediscovering Toronto, finding art in the nooks and crannies of a changing city. It’s also about rediscovering and re-animating a particular writer, and watching the range of that voice come to life again through the energy and vision of young, creative artists. Choosing Robertson Davies is brilliant. His writing bridges the city's past and future; it shows us where Toronto has been, where it is going, and who's going to take us there.

Albert Schultz, Artistic Director of Soulpepper

"I am so deeply impressed with the vision and originality of the Tennessee Project! It is everything that a holistic arts project should be: grounded in excellence, collaborative in nature, and focused on community. Bravo."


"An exciting, collaborative and grassroots undertaking if there ever was one."

Lynn Slotkin, theatre critic

"This is some of the most provocative, beautifully-realized theatre in the city."

NOW Magazine

"You can get a good dose of Shakespeare or George Bernard Shaw at the Stratford or Shaw festivals, but productions of several plays by the same writer in a short period of time are a rarity in Toronto theatre."...“Congrats to all the troupes and the festival producers... Let’s hope there’s another such festival linking companies and audiences around town.”

Audrey Wiles, adoring fan

“This Project descends on Toronto neighbourhoods and wins the hearts and minds of the people! It creates new patrons and saves the old ones bus fare. It is possible for anybody to return night after night to the venue down the block to see scores of artists occupy corners of Toronto neglected by other festivals.”

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